My Pacific Northwest


Photo by: Dean Rutz / Seattle Times

I’ve had the good fortune to live in many far-away places; from Brazil to Tokyo, from London to the Middle East.


’04 and ’05 I was working in Amman, Jordan;  +ten-hour days, seven days a week, eight straight weeks, followed with twelve days off.

Anywhooo, I jus’ by chance happen to hear the Stones: Time, time, time is on my side, yes it is”; and THEN I realized, NO it’s NOT; so I QUIT, and ended a thirty-five year career in Construction Management.

Since August of 2005, I’ve been living in Chiang Mai (the Rose of the North), Thailand.

note: The readers of ‘Travel + Leisure Magazine’ in a 2006 survey, voted Chiang Mai the 5th BEST City in the WORLD!!.



My PNW roots run deep, as my Mom’s parents, my Mom and her three sons, my two sons, are native Washingtonians.


My OTHER, and current, HOME:

Chiang Mai, Thailand, a.k.a. the ‘Land of Smile’.


a bit of this, a bit of that; and a bit more of this . . .:

Basically everything which don’t fit into the other three.

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