My Pacific Northwest

Portland, of course


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Mt Hood

Via: The Star Trail Tumblar Blog of Mark Canales – (photos by Nick Grier)



There are many MORE, here:


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Columbia River ferry

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America Comeback Cities for 2011

Via: Kiplinger

Seattle, Washington

Population: 3,407,848

Unemployment rate today: 9.3%

Forecast job growth for 2011: 2.1%

Clean technology,  health care, hospitality and information technology will lift employment in the  Seattle area by more than 2%, following a recession hit of nearly 8%.

Boeing is adding to its workforce each month and electric utility Seattle City  Light’s energy efficiency program, aimed at businesses and homes throughout the  city, will create about 1,000 jobs by increasing local contractors’ business.


Portland, Oregon

Population: 2,241,841

Unemployment rate today: 10.0%

Forecast job growth for 2011: 3.4%

The Portland area is  seeing significant growth in the software industry and in clean technology —  energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and batteries and wind power. Vestas, a  high-tech producer of wind power systems, recently moved its North American  headquarters to Portland. Vestas brought over 400 employees with it, but will  also create an additional 200 jobs. ReVolt Technology, a European firm focusing  on renewable battery technology, is setting up its headquarters in Portland,  bringing 150 jobs to the city.

Plus the Portland Development Commission  has awarded approximately $4.4 million in loans and grants to businesses, with  the aim of retaining or creating about 1,000 jobs. Portland lost more than 9% of  its jobs during the recession. Look for employment growth of about 3.4% this  year.


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Powell’s Books – ‘A Downturn Wraps a City in Hesitance’


NYT – March 26, 2009

PORTLAND, Ore. – Over the last four decades, Powell’s Books has swelled into the largest bookstore in North America – a capacious monument to reading that occupies a full square block of this often-drizzly city. But this year, growth has given way to anxiety.

Michael Powell, the store’s owner, recently dropped plans for a $5 million expansion. An architect had already prepared the drawings. His bankers had signaled that financing was available. But the project no longer looked prudent, Mr. Powell concluded — not with sales down nearly 5 percent, stock markets extinguishing savings, home prices plunging and jobs disappearing.

“It’s going to take a period of time to recover,” Mr. Powell said. “Whether it’s 2 years or 10 years I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s going to be quick. People are nervous.”


I had the ‘good luck’ to live in the ‘Rose City’ from ’95 to ’02; and I spent many a wonderful Saturday or/AND Sunday morning at Powell’s.

It’s not only the largest bookstore in North America, but I believe it’s the BEST bookstore in North America!

There’s no question, Amazon is a terrific site to buy books, but so is Powell’s.

If you buy from Powell’s you’ll not only help this ‘small’ family business, stay in business; but you’ll help Portland keep one of its treasures.

The website for Powell’s Books:


a Portland story:

For awhile, I felt great thinking my oldest kid was coming to visit me in Portland; until I realized he wasn’t coming to visit ME, he was coming to shop at POWELL’s!

I mean he’d come ‘home’, literally, with grocery bag(s) FULL of BOOKS!

My Sons:

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