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King County voters create Port of Seattle on September 5, 1911


On September 5, 1911, a long struggle for control of Seattle’s central waterfront climaxes when King County voters approve the Port of Seattle district and elect the first three Port Commissioners, Gen. Hiram Chittenden (1858-1917), Robert Bridges, and Charles Remsberg.

The election is a high water mark for the local Progressive Movement, which advocates public control of essential facilities and utilities, and a pivotal defeat for the railroads that had dominated Seattle’s harbor since 1874 thanks to imprudent municipal concessions.

The Port of Seattle is today (1999) managed by an elected five-member Commission and remains the central engine of the King County economy through its control of the Seattle harbor, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and other key assets.


personal thought:

I know the ‘tunnel project’, has both pluses and minuses.

However, I believe opening up the waterfront to downtown, might be the best thing to happen to the city for a long time.


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When I see photos like these; can’t help feelin’ homesick

Via: Seattle Times



‘Descent into SEATAC’

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Shoot! – crackdown on ‘topless’ espresso stands

“Topless” coffee stands may soon be regulated in Kitsap County. Lary Keeton, the county’s director of community development, has started the process of drafting legislation to do so.

“I recently had an unfortunate surprise unwittingly driving through a poorly advertised topless coffee kiosk,” said Emily Selph, a mother of three young children from Bremerton. “Now when I say topless, I mean there were small stickers over the relevant square inch of this woman’s breasts.”

That, Selph argued, fits the legal definition of obscenity.

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photo: I’m thinking, possibly Mr. Keeton and Mr. Selph.


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Cheerio! New ‘Double Tall’ transit buses on Seattle streets

via: PI

Seattle is getting a taste of London with a new fleet of “Double Tall” transit buses on city streets.

The double-decker buses belong to Community Transit, which is running the first of the 23 new buses this week between Lynnwood and downtown Seattle. The 14-feet tall double-decker buses are replacing 60-foot articulated buses that were built in 1998 and are ready to be retired. The 23 buses were purchased with a federal stimulus grant and will be rolled out into the fleet this spring, Community Transit reports.


fuel efficient – YES

cuts down on traffic – YES

top heavy – Definately, YES


Living in S.E. Asia; I notice there seems to be hardly a month go by, without a horrendous double-decker bus chash.

bad drivers – YES

questionable roads – YES

snow and ice – Definately, NO!

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Tacoma – Stadium High School

The 100 celebration of Stadium High School was held in September of 2006. The Centennial of the Bowl in September 2010. The school has been a source of tremendous pride, not only to its students, alums, teachers and administrator. But also to countless other Tacoma citizens who have enjoyed public events in the Bowl or simply stopped to marvel at the Old-World beauty of the Castle and it’s stunning natural setting.



Bill Baarsma, ’60, Tacoma mayor[8]

Bruce Bennett (b. Herman Brix) ’24, Olympic shot-put medalist and Hollywood actor[8]

Rosemarie Bowe, actress[citation needed]

Cathryn Damon, ’47, stage/TV/film actress[8]

R. N. DeArmond, author, American historian[citation needed]

Jeff Durgan, professional soccer player (retired)[citation needed]

Evan Hunziker, man who spent three months in North Korean custody for illegally entering the country[9]

Edward LaChapelle, avalanche researcher[citation needed]

David T. Kesinger, ‘81

Michael Manuel,actor[citation needed]

Vicci Martinez, acoustic-rock singer/songwriter[citation needed]

Marjie Millar (b. Marjie Miller), ’49, TV and movie actress[8]

Eric T. Olson, ’69, vice admiral and commander of U.S. Special Operations[8]

Janis Paige (b. Donna Mae Jaden), ’40, film and theater actress[8]

Dixy Lee Ray, ’33, chair of federal Atomic Energy Commission, governor of Washington[8]

Irv Robbins, ’35?, co-founder of Baskin-Robbins[10]

Albert Rosellini, ’27, attorney, civic leader, governor of Washington[8]

James Sargent Russell, ’18, admiral, commander of NATO forces in Europe[8]

Sugar Ray Seales, ’71, 1972 Olympic gold medalist and professional boxer[8]

Jeff Stock, professional soccer player[citation needed]

Sean Kesinger, ‘84

Josh Keyes, artist

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